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Welcome to EGU 2017 General Assembly Online Press Centre

The EGU 2017 General Assembly, the largest geosciences meeting in Europe, brings together thousands of geoscientists from all over the world into one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. It provides an opportunity for journalists and science writers to talk to researchers, learn about new developments and find out about the latest discoveries in a variety of areas, such as climate, space and planetary science missions, natural disasters, Arctic sea-ice decline, and seafloor exploration.

The 2017 General Assembly is taking place at the Austria Center Vienna in Vienna, Austria, from 23 to 28 April. Media registration to the meeting is available free of charge to journalists, freelance science writers and public information officers from Europe and around the world. Please see eligibility requirements and register in the Registration page.

The EGU operates a Press Centre located on the Yellow Level 0 (ground floor) of the Austria Center Vienna, which includes a working space for journalists and a press conference room. Quiet side rooms for interviews, two of them equipped with noise reduction material, are also available.

Online registration is open from December until March. On-site registration is available in April 2017 in the main registration area of the Austria Center Vienna during the opening hours of the conference office. Media registration gives access to the Press Centre and other meeting rooms and includes a public transportation ticket. Media participants also have access to high-speed internet (LAN and WLAN), interview rooms, and complimentary breakfast, lunch, coffee and refreshments at the Press Centre.

Please note that there is another large conference (10,000 participants) taking place in Vienna in parallel with the EGU 2017 General Assembly. In addition, the Vienna marathon (40,000 participants) takes place on Sunday 23 April with many hotels booked up the night before. Therefore, we strongly recommend booking accommodation as soon as possible.

Media advisories

Media Advisory 1: Media registration now open

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Meeting programme and mobile app

The EGU 2017 General Assembly programme will be available in early March 2017. The programme will be published on the conference website at that time, as well as through the conference app.

A mobile app for the EGU 2017 General Assembly will be available for iPhones and Android smartphones closer to the time of the conference. You can use the app to browse the programme and select the sessions you'd like to go to. For more information on the app features, please check this blog post from last year.

The Assembly online

Participants can keep updated with what's going on at the General Assembly by following the EGU Twitter account (@EuroGeosciences) and take part in the conversation using the conference hashtag, #EGU17.

The EGU communications staff will also be posting about the conference on Facebook and on the EGU blogs.


The Press Centre at the General Assembly is run by Bárbara Ferreira, EGU Media and Communications Manager, with the help of media assistants.

For more information, please contact Bárbara by e-mail at or by phone at +49 8921-806-703 (before the General Assembly). At the General Assembly, you may reach the press office by e-mail or at +43 6763-199-385/6 (Press Centre landline).